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Henan New Taihang Power Source Co., Ltd.

silver-zinc battery for airplane

Lighting & Electrical
silver-zinc battery  for airplane


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Lighting & Electrical  -  Solar Lamp

Offer Post Time: 2017-10-12

Serial Code: 85078090

Model: 15XYG45-(3)A


Carriage: Qing dao port


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Characteristics and applications
Silver-zinc battery have a positive eletrode with silver oxide as active material and a negative electrode made of zinc, Its electrolyte is saturated potassium hydroxide with zinc-oxide. It has features of small volume, light weight,large capacity, high specific energy and power, low self-discharge and steady dischargevoltage.
Silver-zinc battery is widely used for lighting ,telecommunication, starting, powering , standby power for aircraft,and the precision instruments and remote measuring.
Award high product in ministry foXY
Grade 2 in State Science-Technology Progress for XY60
Grade 3 in State Science-Technology Progress for 19XYG30
Advanced production lines:
The first professional production lines for silver-zinc storage batteries in China
Production capability:
Annual production for Silver zinc batteries is 2.5 million AH.
Quality Gurantee:
The first production Line carried out state military standard in China.